Yaakov Maimon (1902 -1977) was born in Latvia and immigrated to Israel aged 20.  Yaakov developed the common Hebrew shorthand method and founded the Hebrew Language Education Project in the Maabarot camps.  For more than 25 years Yaakov led a volunteer project to help immigrants. The  study of  Hebrew volunteers grew from tens to  thousands without any formal organization. Yaakov, however, knew how  to the involve state institutions for  support and even brought presidents and prime ministers to participate. Activities were carried out across the country - in Maabarot camps, immigrant communities, development towns and absorptions centers. For his activity as a role model, Yaakov received the National Israel Prize in 1976 for his unique contribution to society and the state.

Upon his death in 1977 his colleagues, friends and family established an association to continue the enterprise and perpetuate his memory.

Yaakov Maimon

The "Yaakov Maimon Volunteers" Association
The "Yaakov Maimon Volunteers" association operates according to regulations drawn up on its establishment  in 1978 after the death of Yaakov Maimon.

The nature of the activities, methods and activities change according to the changing needs of the immigrants – during the seventies & eighties most of the immigrants were  from the former Soviet Union while in the nineties the support gradually moved to Ethiopian immigrants.

The present  emphasis is on supporting the large and veteran immigrant community from Ethiopia who are still fighting for proper and successful integration into Israeli society. It relies on  volunteer support and guidance of people (especially youth) from within the community to serve as a bridge to its  growth and development as well as to promote its integration into the  society where they can become leaders.
  Address: Yaakov Maimon Volunteers Association, c/o Omri Maimon, Kibbutz Tzora,   9980300  |  Email: info@maimon-volunteers.org.il   |   Tl: 054-7886844